What is the Electrical Distribution Industry?

The electrical distribution industry has been around since the first spark of energy, but it is also an industry that is often overlooked and unexplored. The electrical distribution industry reaches into all other well know industries. For example: construction, manufacturing, education, healthcare, cities & municipalities, and much more. These companies and industries rely on the electrical distribution industry to keep them going.

electricity there will be a need for the electrical distribution industry. The knowledge you gain in this industry will be used throughout your career for years to come.

Success in this industry can be reached by hard work, dedication, and the desire to learn. There are no limits on what you can accomplish!

What We Offer

Learn by working with experienced, seasoned individuals that have been in this industry for years. You will receive on-the-job training and learn the day-to-day operations of running a business. We believe that effective training is key to your success.

Beginning Day 1, you will have the support of one of our experienced mentors. They will be there to guide you and answer any of your questions. Your mentor will work with you to establish your career goals.

This program is designed with the ultimate goal of shaping a candidate into an Outside Sales or Branch Manager. Although the program length can vary, it’s designed for 18-24 months. If along the way we recognize that a trainee’s skills are not suited for a career in outside sales or management we have the flexibility to change course and pursue an alternative in other areas. Some of those are highlighted below:

Counter Sales Inside Sales Projects IT
Human Resources Operations Purchasing Finance

Electrical Wholesalers Inc. is looking for individuals:

  • With the desire to learn.
  • That are self-motivated.
  • That like to be challenged.
  • That are dedicated to getting the job done.
  • That take pride in their success and aren’t afraid to learn from their failures.

If you fit the above traits or have the above desires to succeed, then we want you to join our industry and begin your path to success!

Click on this link to fill out a job application.

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