Voice & Data Line Card

+-Cable Management

(Labels, Rings, Powerpoles, Tiewraps, Vertical, Horizontal Managers, D-Rings)

+-Cable Preparation

(Tape, Cleaners, Waterguard, Pulling Lubricants, Firestop)

+-CATV, Sound & Video

(Splitters, Couplings, Amplifiers, RCA Jacks, Banana Plugs, Connectors, Speakers, Testers, Wall Jacks, Tools, Cable, Cameras, Speaker Cable)

+-Computer Room

(Floorboxes, Grounding, Sealtight, Temperature Sensing Relays)


(Fiber, Computer, Telephone, Video, Coaxial)

+-Electronic Cable

(Category, Coaxial, Computer, Composite, Security, Firealarm, Sound, Traffic Signal)


(Tiewraps, Velcro, Anchors, Nuts & Bolts)

+-Fiber Cable

(Riser, Aerial, Direct Burial, Armored)


(Caulk, Cement, Drywall Screws, Glue, Hangers, Paint, Plywood & Studs, Roof Tar, Rope & Twine, Spackling, Tarps, Tiewire, Threaded Rod)

+-Home Theater and Office

(High End Sound, Video & Data Cables, Volume Controls, Speakers, Media Hubs, Security Cables, Jacks & Panels)

+-Hubs, Switches, Routers, Media Converters


(PVC, Plenum, PE, Smoothwall)

+-LAN Cable

+-Outside Plant & Utility Products

(Pole Line Hardware, Conduit, Innerduct, Aerial, Direct Burial Cables, Sealtight, Gas Tube, Hand Hole Boxes, Splices, Cable Grips)

+-Patch Cables Copper

(Cat 5E,6, Telco, Coaxial, RS232, SCSI, DIN, 110, ATM, PC Cables, Video, Custom Assemblies)

+-Patch Cables Fiber Optics

(Simplex, Duplex, Single Mode, Multimode, Custom Assemblies)


+-Patch Panels, Wallplates, Jacks, Punchdown Blocks

+-Raceway / Ladder / Tray / Slotted Duct

+-Racks / Frames / Cabinets / Shelves


(Some Tools And Testers Are Available Level 6 Testers; Cable Locators. Please Call Your EW Sales Rep.)

+-Security / Signaling

(Fire Alarm, Burgular Cameras, Cables, Control Panels)


(Cords, Sets, Ringers, Connectors, Lights, Cable Aerial, Crossconnect Wire, Duct, Direct Burial, Outdoor, Riser, Plenum, Armored, Shielded, Silver Satin)

+-Testers, Meters-Level 6 & 7, ODR, Fiber CATV


(Strippers, Cable Locators, Crimpers, Kits, Cable Pullers & Grabbers, Belts & Bags, Tackers & Staples, Reelers, Ladders, Test Clips, Snakes, Job/Storage Boxes, Punchdown, Fiber Optic, Butt Sets)

+-UPS / Surge Protection, Power Strips, Gas Tube