Electrical Line Card


(Fire, Horns, Bells, Buzzers, CO2)

+-Ballasts Electronic, Electric

(Fluorescent, Mercury, High Pressure Sodium, Multi-Vapor, Metal Halide)

+-Batteries: Industrial, Commercial

(Dry Cell, Rechargeable, Sealed Lead Acid, NiCad, Cell Phone)






+-Building Products

(Security Systems, Mailboxes, Intercoms, Range Hoods, Food Controls, Bug Killers, Built-In Vacuums)

+-Cables: Electrical

(Please see "Wire")

+-Circuit Breakers

(Plug-In, Bolt Bon, Molded ^ Insulated Case, Air Power Break, Power Vacuum, Low & Medium Voltage)


+-Conduits: Electrical

(Surface, Rigid, Floor, PVC, Flexible, Raceway, Sealtite, IMC, EMT, Aluminum, PVC Coated, Inner Duct)

+-Connectors: Wire & Cable

(Cable Termination, Lugs, Bugs)

+-Controls: Motor

(Drives, Single, 3 Phase, DC & High Voltage Starters, Relays, Contractors, Push Buttons, Indicating Lights, Limit Switch Sensors, Resistors, Brakes, Solenoids, Renewal Parts, Rectifiers, Excitors, Contactors, NEMA, Lighting)

+-Cord: Electric

(Extension, Reelers, Trouble Lights)

+-Dimmers: Electric Lighting

(Dimming Systems for Commercial or Residential Applications)

+-Dryers: Hand & Face

(Commercial, Industrial)

+-Enclosures: Electric & Electronic

(Cabinets, Voice/Data, Boxes, Steel, Plastic, Electrical)


+-Fans: Ceiling, Portable, Ventilating

(Residential, Commercial, Industrial)


+-Fiber Optics

(See "Voice/Data Line Card")

+-Fittings: Conduit & Cable

+-Fixtures: Lighting

(See "Lighting")


(Dry Cell, Rechargeable)


(See "Lighting")

+-Fuses: Electric

(Holders, Low & High Voltage)


(Mobile, PTO, Standby, Diesel, Electric, Gas, Gasoline, Trickle Charger)


(Spackling, Tiewire, Plywood & Studs, Glue, Cement, Roof Tar, Caulk, Drywall Screws, Paint, Tarps, Fixture Screws and Hangers, Threaded Rod, Rope & Twine)

+-Heating Cables

(Residential, Commercial, Under Floor, Industrial, Pipe, Roof, Gutter, Floor, Sidewalk, Drivewalk)

+-Horns: Signal

(Horns, Bells, Buzzers, CO2, Fire)

+-Label Generating Systems

(Electrical, Voice/Data, Safety, Thermal Transfer, Software, Laser, Ink Jet, Custom Labels, Signs, Markers)


+-Lamps: Electric

(Incandescent, Fluorescent, HID, Minature, Photo, Ultraviolet, Neon, LED, Pilot)

+-Lighting Protection Equipment, Arrestors

(Power, Voice/Data, Surge, Grids, Ground Rods)

+-Lighting: Residential

(Residential, Floor Ceiling, Table Lamps, Indoor, Outdoor)

+-Lockouts: Safety, Electrical

(Safety, Hasps, Padlocks, Tags, Stations, Fuse Devices, Circuit Breakers, Plugs, Wall Switches, Cables, Pneumatic, Ball & Gate Valve)

+-Markers: Pipe, Conduit, Wire & Cable

(See "Labels")

+-Meters: Electric

(Electrical, Voice/Data, Analog, Digital, Multi, Clamp, Light, Infrared, Voltage, Insulation, Cable Locating & Fault Finder, Continuity, Current, Scope, Level 6 & 7, OTDR, Fiber)

+-Meters: Light, Voltage, Amp

+-Motion Control

+-Motors: AC, DC, Variable Drive

(Fractional, Integral, Multi-Speed, Open Drip, Totally Enclosed, Explosion Proof, Premium Efficiency)

+-Operator Interface


+-Panelboards: Electric, Switchboards

(Lighting & Power)

+-Photo Controls, Eyes, Sensor, Proximity

+-Poleline Equipment, High Voltage & Supplies

+-Poles: Lighting

(Round, Square, Tapered, Steel, Aluminum, Concrete, Fiberglass, For General Area, Decorative Street Scape, Roadway, Sport)

+-Power Conditioning Equipment

(Buck & Boost, Regulators, Stabilizers, UPS)

+-Power Supplies AC/DC

(Line Voltage, Low Voltage, Hard wired, Plug-In)


+-Programmable Controllers


+-Protectors: Surge

+-Pumps: Sump

(Portable, Submersible)

+-Racks & Cabinets

(See "Voice & Data Line Card")

+-Relays: Electric

(General Purpose, Power Control, Timing, Time Delay)

+-Sockets: Meter

(Residential, Commercial, Single/Multi Gang)

+-Starters: Motor

(NEMA, IEC, Combination & Non-Combination, Reversers & Two Speed, Reduced Voltage)

+-Strut Systems



(Electrical, Safety, Limit, Push Button, Reed, Rotary, Toggle)


(Power Distribution, Circuit Breakers, Transformers, Fuses, Cutouts, Arrestors, Panelboards, Power Centers, Unit Substations, Busway Systems, Automatic Transfer Swtich)

+-Tapes: Electrical Insulation

(Electrical & Hardware, Splices, Insulators)



(Manual, Electric, Electronic)

+-Tools: Electric

(Portable, Electric, Cordless, Hole Shooters, Drills, Saws, Hole Hawg, Rotary, Cable Pulls, Hammer, Screw Drivers, Circular Saw)

+-Tools: Hand

(Electrical, Voice/Data, Pipe & Cable Locating, General Purpose, Insulated, Pliers, Strippers, Cutters, Laser Levels, Wrenches, Screw & Nut Drivers, Punchdown Tools, Knives, Drill Bits, Saws, Hammers, Fish Tapes, Tool Boxes & Pouches, Belts, Ladders, Safety Hats)

+-Transformers: Lighting & Power

+-Trays: Cable

(Wireway, Electrical, Voice/Data)

+-Wire And Cable, Electronic

(See "Voice/Data Line Card")

+-Wire: Copper, Aluminum

(Aerospace, High Temperature, Through 450 Celsius Armored, Instrumentation, Thermocouple, Control, Tray, Building, Power, Mining, Diesel, Paper & Lead, Airport Lighting, Traffic Signal, Service Entrance-SER & SEU, Building-THNN, Aerial-URD, MC)

+-Wire: Identification

(Wire, Sign, Voice & Data See Labels)

+-Wiring Devices

(Ground Fault, Miniature, Switches, Marine, Cord Connectors, Molded Products)

+-Wiring Duct