Dear [Senator/Representative] [LAST NAME]:


I am writing on behalf of my company, [INSERT NAME]. We are a company that specializes in [BUSINESS DESCRIPTION]. Our service provides [BUSINESS DESCRIPTION RELATED TO ENERGY EFFICIENCY].


This program is one of the many energy-saving programs for residents, businesses and municipalities that are supported by the ratepayer-funded Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund, which was established in 1998 to help protect all of our state’s energy consumers.


I am writing to let you know that the Senate Republicans’ proposed sweep of $160 million from the Energy Efficiency Fund over the next two years will have a direct negative impact on my company and the State of Connecticut.


We are a local business based out of [INSERT CITY/TOWN] that employs [INSERT NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES] Connecticut residents. [INSERT OTHER COMPELLING COMPANY FACTS]. My company relies heavily on the EnergizeCT initiative and the Energy Efficiency Fund to operate, as the programs provide customer incentives that subsidize or provide rebates towards the services we provide our customers.


Over the last [INSERT NUMBER OF YEARS], [INSERT COMPANY NAME] has been able to grow and add jobs to the state’s economy, thanks the Energy Efficiency Fund. These are folks living in Connecticut, paying taxes and supporting businesses in their local communities.


An Energy Efficiency Fund sweep would likely mean that I must lay off employees, many of whom I have invested in and trained over the last several years.


More broadly, an Energy Efficiency Fund sweep sends the wrong message to people living in Connecticut or looking to do business in our state. It is also misleading to residential, business and municipal ratepayers, who believed they were supporting programs to help them lower their energy costs.


In 2016, energy efficiency created approximately 34,000 jobs in Connecticut, with many of those jobs in small businesses employing permanent workers. These jobs deliver services that provide tremendous energy savings and cost savings to our state – equivalent to an 88 MW power plant in 2016 alone.


Energy efficiency should be the first line of defense for our state’s energy consumers. The less energy efficiency in place, the more demand for conventional power, which leads to higher electric rates for everyone.


I encourage you to oppose the Senate Republicans’ proposed Energy Efficiency Fund sweep, as it will have a negative impact on my employees and their families, our state’s economy, job growth and overall energy costs.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you have, or if you need more information.